Data for: Kinetic, physicochemical properties and effects of pesticides and heavy metals on brain acetylcholinesterase of bentonic fish Hoplosternum littorale: Perspectives of application in aquatic biomonitoring

Published: 24 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nnd7pmdyps.1
Rafael Souto Azevedo,
Kaline Catiely Campos Silva,
Caio Assis,
Mônica Lucia Adam,
Valdir Luna Silva,
Kelma Sirleide Souza,
Marlyete Chagas Araujo,
Maria Betania Melo Oliveira,
Luciano Clemente da Silva,
Ranilson Bezerra,
Luiz Carvalho Junior,
Maria Helena Alves


Highlights 1. Brain ChE from H. littorale was physicochemical and kinetically characterized; 2. Selective inhibitors showed AChE as the main ChE in H. littorale brain; 3. The enzyme was in vitro exposed to eleven pesticides and ten ions; 4. This study presents the first report on the inhibition of cerebral AChE in the Siluriformes group of fish by the pesticides, novaluron and pyriproxyfen; 5. The AChE from H. littorale was highly sensitive to dichlorvos at concentrations (IC20 - IC50) well below the maximum concentrations of this pesticide allowed by the current legislation; 6. Among the ions studied, mercury altered the enzymatic activity most significantly.