Buckling of Stiffened Variable-Angle-Tow Laminates subjected to Nonuniform In-plane Loads

Published: 16-04-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nnzx6zn5bn.1
Wei Zhao


Research database includes the validation models and results obtained using NASTRAN and subroutines for static and buckling analyses of unstiffened, VAT laminated plate. For the validation folder (NASTRAN_files), there are four subfolders. (a) uniform_axial_VAT_laminates include the data for Section 3.2, (b) shear_VAT_laminates include data for Secion 3.3, (c) Nonuniform_VAT_laminates include data for Section 4 and (d) stiffened_VAT_straight_stiffener contains all files and data for Section 5.