Plant-derived antiviral compounds

Published: 10-07-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/nrhwvdx79t.2
Md.Rimon Parves,
Shafi mahmud,
Mohammad Abu Raihan Uddin,
Khaled Mahmud Sujon,
Md Ekhtiar Rahman,
wasim alom,
Md al Amin,
Al Shahriar Akash,
Ariful Islam


This datasets currently provide the chemical compounds extracted from Bangladeshi originated plant species. This datasets currently targeted against Covid-19 to find out novel therapeutic candidates from local plant species. The compounds were enlisted upon having reported in plant extracts and literature-based survey data. Currently, about 119 plant species have taken into consideration and we are working inexorably to expand the datasets. About 1480 compounds were retrieved from Pub Chem database as an SDF format to attract a wider group for bioinformatics applications including; structure-based drug designing, and scaffold hopping, lead identification for therapeutic targets.