Empowering conventional Rock-Eval pyrolysis for organic matter characterization of the siderite-rich sediments of Lake Towuti (Indonesia) using End-Member Analysis.

Published: 15 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nrzksn8jzc.1
Luis Ordoñez, Hendrik Vogel, Thierry Adatte, David Sebag, Daniel Ariztegui, James Russell, Jens Kallmeyer, Aurèle Vuillemin, Satria Bijaksana, Sean Crowe, André Friese


This folder includes Rock-Eval raw thermograms at the pyrolysis and oxidation stage for all the samples used in this study. This folder contains as well the results of End-Member Analysis of Rock-Eval thermograms processed with Analysize, a Matlab algorithm. This includes End member densities at each temperature transition and End member abundances for each sample. Additionally, Rock-Eval classic output and new Rock-Eval parameters are presented in excel files, as well as the I-R indexes.



Lake Sediments, Organic Matter, Thermal Analysis, Pyrolysis, Statistical Signal Deconvolution, Carbon Mineralization, Geological Limnology