Dataset for integration of sustainability education into the accounting curricula of tertiary education institutions in Jordan

Published: 6 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nsj38szgwd.1
Huthaifa Al-Hazaima


• Dataset is useful as it provides a description of the importance of sustainability education in the accounting curriculum as well as the needs for this integration and the salient stakeholders’ sustainability expectations in the accounting curriculum. • The dataset is also useful for further comparisons in further studies dedicated to sustainability accounting education, especially in emerging economies. • Data is useful in providing insights and direction on the way to integrate sustainability knowledge in business and accounting curricula. • Data has a potential and can be used by policy makers, tertiary institutions, and practitioners and governmental representatives. • Data can be reused to investigate the distinguish between the answers of educators and students within private and public universities on the importance of SAE. • The dataset outcome can help tertiary institutions and other stakeholders to understand how to integrate sustainability education into the accounting curricula. This understanding would lead to future accountants and business executives having stronger competencies to respond in a resilient and resourceful manner to changes in the way business is held, especially in an area where societal and environmental impacts are highly scrutinised.



The Hashemite University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


Education for Sustainability, Accounting Education, Developing Countries