Data for: Habitat modification by Ascophyllum canopy negatively impacts macrofaunal communities on soft-sediment shores

Published: 15 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nt45pdgccj.1
Abby Gilson, Andy Davies


These data were collected at four intertidal soft-sediment mudflats around Anglesey Island, North Wales using 5 cm diameter cores inserted to 5 cm into the sediment. Data were collected in areas below and outside of Ascophyllum nodosum canopies and were analysed for particle size, pore water content, organic carbon, chlorophyll a, sand/silt/clay content and temperature. The macrofauna in each sample was also identified and abundance and biomass was measured.



Benthic Ecology, Macroalgae, Macrofauna