Nepalese Large Cardamom: Production, Growth, trade and Trend

Published: 1 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nt46yh6t73.1
amogh ghimire


Data related to Nepalese Large Cardamom 1. Production of Nutmeg, mace, and cardamoms in Nepal (Tons) 2. Cardamom Production area of Nepal (Area, Production, and Yield) 3. Large Cardamom Trade (Import, Export and Trade Balance) 4. Major Exporting and Importing Nation 5. Global Market of Large Cardamom 6. Share in the World Import Value of Large Cardamom Cardamom 7. Revealed Comparative Advantage of Top Ten Exporters in the World



Agricultural Economics, International Trade, Trade, Agricultural Products, Agriculture in International Trade