Chesapeake DolphinWatch sightings data (2017-2022): Citizen science reports of bottlenose dolphins observed in the Chesapeake Bay, USA

Published: 12 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ntvpz3rhn4.1
Lauren Rodriguez,
, Helen Bailey, Kirsten Silva


This dataset presents reports of bottlenose dolphin sightings submitted to the Chesapeake DolphinWatch program by citizen scientists over the span of five years (2017-2022). This dataset includes all sighting reports submitted to Chesapeake DolphinWatch, whether or not they were confirmed to be true by trained researchers. Each sighting's confirmation status is listed in the "Status" variable. Please note that this data describes the presence of bottlenose dolphins as described by citizen scientists. A lack of sightings at a particular date and time does not necessarily indicate the absence of dolphins. Further information regarding Chesapeake DolphinWatch can be found in the 'Related Links' section of this page.



University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science


Ecology, Marine Mammal, Marine Biology, Dolphin, Chesapeake Bay


Chesapeake Bay Trust


Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

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JES Avanti Foundation