FiniteFieldSolve: Exactly solving large linear systems in high-energy theory

Published: 2 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ntxvp58mjg.1


Large linear systems play an important role in high-energy theory, appearing in amplitude bootstraps and during integral reduction. This paper introduces FiniteFieldSolve, a general-purpose toolkit for exactly solving large linear systems over the rationals. The solver interfaces directly with Mathematica, is straightforward to install, and seamlessly replaces Mathematica's native solvers. In testing, FiniteFieldSolve is approximately two orders of magnitude faster than Mathematica and uses an order of magnitude less memory. The package also compares favorably against other public solvers in FiniteFieldSolve's intended use cases. As the name of the package suggests, solutions are obtained via well-known finite field methods. These methods suffer from introducing an inordinate number of modulo (or integer division) operations with respect to different primes. By automatically recompiling itself for each prime, FiniteFieldSolve converts the division operations into much faster combinations of instructions, dramatically improving performance. The technique of compiling the prime can be applied to any finite field solver, where the time savings will be solver dependent. The operation of the package is illustrated through a detailed example of an amplitude bootstrap.



Computational Physics, Linear System, Computational Algebra, Finite Field