Study of edge effect in Bardhaman

Published: 12 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/nw26nvv527.2
RoyChowdhury.P Saha.P , Saha.S.S


Edge effect has been studied in the past decades and in recent years, it is receiving increasing attention in the ecological context. Ecosystem as a whole is a natural laboratory with immense wealth. For the last hundred years , since the nineteenth century, there has been scientific interest to study boundary regions, also referred to as ecotone area. Here, we focussed our study to sharp transitional area along environmental gradient between various ecological region and community. We chose purba and paschim Burdwan, as the basic idea was to detect the highest rate of change in the value of a given variable, which was clearly visible and detectable, in these two environmental zones. Also according to odum , transition zone is the zone , that supports unique community or specieswhich for us was the unique avian fauna with passeriformes and charadriidae species being found as the most dominant bird species . Thus in our conclusion we can add that our study was based upon the transition zone, with wet grassland type to be found in purba Burdwan to urban habitat with barren land with laterite cover in the paschim Burdwan zone,Asansol belt.


Steps to reproduce

The first figure pic 1 purba Burdwan Pic 2 is of paschim Burdwan


Applied Ecology