Data for: Developing plant models of reduced complexity by chemical process engineering way of thinking

Published: 12 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nw3cjv75j5.1
Monika Varga


Files in 'Plant' folder refers to a simplified example plant model, implemented in the framework of Programmable Process Structures. contains the description of the underlying process network, regarding the example plant model of medium-complexity. contains the initial conditions (mass, biomass, components, etc.) and parameters (coefficients of equations, limit values, etc.), Plant_G.graphml: Starting from these above case-specific files and from the general definition of state and transition meta-prototypes, the general-purpose kernel program generates the editable graphical model. Plant_G_prot.graphml: Local programs for the calculation of underlying processes. contains the meteorological data for the simulation (Data content: ID, Year, Month, Day, Hours, Sunhours, Temp, Press, Humidity, Precipitation, Radiation, Wind, Winddirection, Wind_ns, Wind_ew). In the knowledge of the prototype elements, the second generating algorithm of the PPS kernel prepares the dynamic databases of the simulation, namely: Contains the declaration of Prolog clauses, describing the local programs. Contains the declaration of the Prolog facts, describing the case specific model elements with their initial values and parameters. Plant_Out.csv: Contains the actually selected part of simulation results.



Plant Model