Data for: Large-Scale Fatigue Testing of Post-Installed Shear Connectors in Partially-Composite Bridge Girders

Published: 5 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nw8vzbxhx3.1
Amir Reza Ghiami Azad, Todd Helwig, Kerry Kreitman, Michael Engelhardt, Eric Williamson


This data includes all the measured data for the three fatigue tests that were conducted. The data includes loads, reactions, strains, slips, and deflections at certain points along the specimens in specific cycles of each fatigue test. Both the raw and processed data are provided. Moreover, the summary of processed data is included in an excel file for each of the three fatigue tests.



Structural Engineering, Experimental Design, Fatigue Behavior, Fatigue Life, Bridge Engineering, Structural Retrofit, Composite Construction