Observations on innovation skills videogame

Published: 6 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nwnbt5ft2w.1
, Juan Gonzalo Carcamo,


A mixed-methods study was carried out by coding each observable action conducted by the participants and interviewing them about their behaviors. Results show that participants enact actions that may involve and develop innovator’s DNA skills especially Observing, Associating and Experimenting. This study analyses how videogames are able to develop innovation skills and explains the behaviors observed among other insights. Data was collected by directly observing the participation of 23 participants during an interaction with a game specifically tailored for developing these skills. The videogame used is called CAFET a card-based game where players enact coffee industry entrepreneurs in Colombia. The MaxQDA, Videogame executables, and video files used for this research can be found here.


Steps to reproduce

The MaxQDA file contains the coded documents. Videos need to be added to MaxQDA external files in order to be addressable from the application.


Universidad EAFIT Escuela de Administracion, Universidad EAFIT Escuela de Ingenieria


Educational Innovation, Collaborative Game