Data for: In situ analysis of deformation modes and stress evolution in embedded grains within a magnesium polycrystalline

Published: 4 June 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nwwzjt4dbp.1
Li Li


Three parts are included in the article. The first part is related to the raw images of polychromatic synchrotron X-Ray diffraction. The format of image is tiff. The second part is related indexing results that are in the format of txt. The resultant files contain selected reflections, orientation matrix, deviatoric strain and deviatoric stress etc. The third part is simulation codes that are edited by MATLAB software. It included “simulating elastic prediction under external load”, “calculating Schmid Factor”, and “retrieve data from indexed file”.



Hunan Institute of Technology


Crystallography, X-Ray Diffraction, Crystal Plasticity