Collaborative R&D projects survey evaluating success factors

Published: 1 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nxm864p74v.1
Ana Paula Paes Leme,


This data was used to investigate the following Hyphotesis: Hypothesis 1: The effect of project management success factors on R&D project performance is different in terms of the external knowledge source involved in the R&D project. The data comes from a survey with 53 collaborative R&D projects which were electronically collected using the Survey Monkey survey system. There is no data bank in Brazil grouping contacts from R&D professionals, and we did not have access to an international database. Therefore, a data bank was built based on the following: 1. Face-to-face meetings during the Open Innovation Week Seminar in Brazil in February 2017 (11 e-mails were sent after the face-to-face introduction). 2. Contact list from the World Open Innovation Conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA, in December 2015. Contacts from companies were identified in this list, so university professors and students were excluded (50 e-mails were sent). 3. Contacts from ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management) Innovation Conference in Vienna, Austria in June 2017. R&D professionals were identified from this conference list. As the contact information for most of them was from LinkedIn, a personal presentation was necessary to get the approval to send the survey link (9 contacts accepted this invitation). 4. Data bank from pharmaceutical companies registered in Brazil developed by Bataglia (2013). This data base included pharmaceutical related companies, like pharmacies. Therefore, a new list was generated considering just pharmaceutical companies (223 contacts received the e-mail). 5. Personal contacts of R&D professional in multinational companies in Brazil (12 e-mails were sent). Finally, the data bank contained 335 contacts that received a request to answer the survey. An e-mail presenting the research and asking for R&D professionals to answer the survey was sent to these contacts, and, after a week without receiving an answer, a new e-mail asking for support was sent. More information about the full research can be find in the following Thesis: Barbosa, A. P. F. P. L. (2018). Managing collaborative R&D projects with different types of knowledge sources (doctoral dissertation). University of Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.



Project Management, Innovation