Tensile performance data of 3D printed MMJ composite samples

Published: 28 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ny3h2739hg.1
Niusha Daneshdoost


This repository contains force-displacement data of ASTM Type V tensile samples created using MMJ 3D printing. The samples are composites of two MMJ printing materials, one rigid (Vero) and the other soft (Agilus30). The composite geometries include solid materials, blends, sandwiched three-layer samples, and multi-layer samples. All samples were printed using a Stratasys J750 printer with the longest dimension oriented in the "X" direction. A TestResources Nano fatigue testing machine and testing rate of 10mm/min was used for all tensile tests. The "Solid_dogbone_typeV.stl" sample was used to create the solid material samples and the blends. - The zip file "Raw_data_all.zip" contains the machine force-displacement output for all samples. - The "Supplementary_materials.docx" file contains information matching the sample prefixes from the zip file data to the materials used to create the sample. - The "3D_models_stl.zip" file contains mesh files for each sample type.



Duke University


Polymer, Mechanics, Design for Additive Manufacture