Probabilities of Low and medium level activities and Locations based on "OPPORTUNITY Activity Recognition Dataset

Published: 2 February 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ny4y6mctbm.1
Pouya Foudeh


The OPPORTUNITY Dataset for Human Activity Recognition from Wearable, Object, and Ambient Sensors (hereafter OPPORTUNITY dataset) is a dataset devised to benchmark human activity recognition algorithms (classification, automatic data segmentation, sensor fusion, feature extraction, etc). Current dataset contains probabilities of subjects' Location and compass, doors states, gestures, gesture, low-level activities for both hands including hand movements, and interactions with specific objects. Thre of most probable candidates are reported as A,B and C. For locations they are calculated for all instances with no label. For other activities, we used activities 1, 2, 3 and 9 (drill) as training and probabilities are calculated for activities 4 and 5. For original signals received from sensors, download the OPPORTUNITY dataset. CITATION ----------- Use of this dataset in publications must be acknowledged by referencing BOTH of the following publication [1] and [2]. [1] Pouya Foudeh, A Khorshidtalab, and Naomie Salim. "A Probabilistic Data-Driven Method for Human Activity Recognition", Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, 2018 [2] Ricardo Chavarriaga, Hesam Sagha, Alberto Calatroni, Sundaratejaswi Digumarti, Gerhard Tröster, José delR. Millán, Daniel Roggen. "The Opportunity challenge: A benchmark database for on-body sensor-based activity recognition", Pattern Recognition Letters, 2013 Legend ------ ""Couloms"": id Instant serial number subject A two digit number. Left digit number of subject (1-4) Right digit number of activity (1-5) time Time in seconds Angle Electric compass Doors State: _w Washing machine _f Fridge _1 Upper drawer (1) _2 Middle drawer (2) _3 Lower drawer (3) Locations, Postures, Gestures, Right and Left hands Interactions and Movements: (Note: probable choices are only available in test sets, activity 4 and 5 of each subject) ..A Square number of A, the most probable label. ..B Square number of B, 2nd most probable label. ..C Square number of C, 3rd most probable label. ..Ap Probability of A ..Bp Probability of B ..Cp Probability of C .._labl Manually Generated Label



Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Activity Recognition, Probabilistic Problem