Complete mitochondrial genome of the silkworm strain, JAM146 Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae), which has a higher fecundity

Published: 2 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nyn94t3sv5.1
JeongSun Park


Figure 1. Phylogenetic tree of Bombyx mori. Bayesian inference (BI) method was used for phylogenetic analysis based on the concatenated sequences of 13 protein-coding genes and two ribosomal RNAs. The numbers at the node specify Bayesian posterior probabilities. The scale bar indicates the number of substitutions per site. The wild silkworm, Bombyx mandarina (FJ384796, Hu et al. 2010), was utilized as the outgroup. The GenBank accession numbers are as follows: ZT900, GU966600 (Li et al. 2010); Italy_16, GU966596 (Li et al. 2010); C108, GU966630 (Li et al. 2010); Baiyun, KM279431 (Zhang et al. 2016); Handan, GU966628 (Li et al. 2010); N4 GU966602 (Li et al. 2010); JAM146, MW551562 (This study); Hukpyobeom, MK613835 (Kim et al. 2019a); J106, GU966615 (Li et al. 2010); Chilseongjam, MN103530 (Kim et al. 2019b); Sihong15, GU966617 (Li et al. 2010); Lao_2, GU966610 (Li et al. 2010); India_M3, GU966595 (Li et al. 2010); Zhugui, GU966609 (Li et al. 2010); ZT500, GU966611 (Li et al. 2010); Ankang_No.4, GU966614 (Li et al. 2010); Cambodia, GU966601 (Li et al. 2010); Europe_18, GU966607 (Li et al. 2010); J04_010, GU966612 (Li et al. 2010); Soviet_Union_No.1, GU966599 (Li et al. 2010); ZT000, GU966613 (Li et al. 2010); and ZT100, GU966603 (Li et al. 2010). The branch length was truncated into approximately one-third because of the limited space.



Chonnam National University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Phylogenetic Tree