Survival model database of human digestive system cells exposed to electroporation pulses

Published: 12 January 2022| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/nyvpd2zrhr.4
Nana Zhang,
Yuchi Zhang,
Zhuoqun Li,
Yingxue Wang,
Lujing Mao,
Tianshuai He,
Qingshan Li,
Jiawen Zhao,
Xue Chen,
Yixuan Li,
Zitong Qin,
Yi Lv,
Fenggang Ren


Based on Peleg–Fermi model, this database provides the cell-specific coefficients for mathematical electroporation analysis, which can be furtherly applied in theoretical analysis, computational simulation, numerical analysis, and treatment planning. The database was established from in vivo cell electroporation experiments and in silico analysis, whereafter its efficacy was evaluated by numerical analysis for electric injury and thermal injury. By constructing mathematical model with the database, one can simulate the injury distribution and predict the biological outcome during electroporation process. It will facilitate the decision-making for basic research, medical device design, and clinical practice. The database contained the cell viability data after electroporation pulse treatment, the idiographic value of Ec, Ac and coefficients of 20 cell lines in human digestive system and 2 cell lines in mouse skin. Cell survival rate of 20 types of human digestive system cell lines after exposure to electroporation pulses; Ec, Ac and coefficients value of Peleg–Fermi model; Relative area ratio of thermal injury during electroporation process: Relative area ratio of TI=S_TI⁄S_total; Relative area ratio of electric injury: Relative area ratio of EI=S_EI⁄S_total;



Xi'an Jiaotong University


Novel Tumor Ablation Technique