Data for: Petrology, geochemistry, and correlation of tephra deposits from a large early-Holocene eruption of Mentolat volcano, southern Chile

Published: 29 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nz42krn72d.1
Derek Weller, María de Porras, César Méndez, Charles Stern, Antonio Maldonado


Included in these spreadsheets are all of the data for the newly described ~11,728 cal years BP eruption of Mentolat volcano that includes the major element glass analyses, bulk tephra trace element contents, raw and calibrated radiocarbon age dates, and the major element data for amphiboles, plagioclase, pyroxenes, and olivines. Also included in the supplementary data file are major element data for amphiboles from other tephras and lavas derived from volcanoes of the Southernmost Andean Southern Volcanic Zone of Chile.



Natural Sciences