Data for: Timing of post-collisional Pan-African Orogeny granitic magmatism within south-central Chad

Published: 23 September 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/nz4g5r8995.2
J. Shellnutt, Meng-Wan Yeh, Steve W. Denyszyn, Tung-Yi Lee, Ngoc Ha Pham


Tables S1 to S3 are the geochronology results of this study. Tables S1 and S2 are the results of in situ zircon LA-ICP-MS and Table S3 is the results of ID-TIMS dating. Figures S1 and S2 are the cathodoluminence images of the zircons that were analyzed. Table S4 is a compilation of previously published data outlining the range of ages and radiogenic isotopes.



Geochronology, Isotope Chemistry