Published: 06-04-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/nzshbjg8h2.2
Yulius Rustan Effendi yulius


Purpose of the study: This paper aims to describe the basic reasons behind the application of the principal's humanistic approach, and the steps of the principal's humanistic approach to optimizing character education strengthening programs. Methodology: This research uses a qualitative approach, case study design. Data collection is done through in-depth interviews, participant observation, and study documentation to achieve research objectives. Main Findings: Research findings reveal that personal excellence (integrity, wholeness, and authenticity) and the humanistic spirituality of inspirational figures inspire the principal's humanistic approach. In addition, the application of the principal's humanistic approach has a significant impact on optimizing the implementation of character education strengthening in schools and successfully forming the character of students. Applications of this study: This study can be useful for principals in the education department of Malang City, East Java, Indonesia, to use a humanistic approach model in carrying out leadership roles, because it has been proven effective in optimizing the implementation of optimizing character education strengthening programs in schools. Novelty/Originality of this study: The principal's role is to create a "humane" school environment through harmonious relationships, respecting subordinates as human beings, tolerant and non-discriminatory, giving examples of good behavior to subordinates based on self-excellence and imitating the spirituality of inspirational figures, so that good characters are formed in the teachers and students at school.


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This article is the result of research conducted in Indonesia. This study uses a time period of one year (2018 to 2019). This research uses a descriptive qualitative research approach, type of case study. This research is the latest research, related to the principal's humanistic approach in optimizing the program of strengthening character education in schools. The principal strengths of the principal apply character education to personal excellence and are inspired by the living spirituality of the school's founding figures.