Dataset - Intraprosthetic dislocation of the dual mobility total hip arthroplasty; does head size matter?

Published: 27 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/p2kgpv7hcp.2


The main purpose of this study was to evaluate if there was a difference in frequencies of IPD between 22.2mm head DMCs compared to 28mm head DMCs. A secondary purpose was to evaluate the rate of LADs and overall dislocation rate between both groups.This was a single-center retrospective cohort study, using data from patients receiving DMCs between January 2011 and September 2020. All DMCs were included except those who were lost to follow-up within the first six weeks after surgery. A total of 429 DMCs, representing 411 patients, were included and divided into two groups: 22.2mm DMCs (n=124) and 28mm DMCs (n= 305). The statistical data-analysis showed there was no difference in the rate of IPDs between 22.2mm DMCs and 28mm DMCs, but there was a significant higher rate of LADs in the 22.2mm DMC. The Excel-file contains the patients raw data (including patient characteristics and outcome variables) of the TBA study (Netherlands Trial Register number NL9511).



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