Research Data of College of Environemnt

Published: 7 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p2x3syd8pb.1
Hamid Sarkheil


Computer Code Availability • We importantly note that our study merely introduces and categorizes proposed methodologies of integration of Fuzzy Fractal Dimension (FFD) in the format of a novel article not in the format of a software package. • Hence our main purpose in this study is studying and explaining our cbFFDs individually in our own way, and we do not aim to develop any software. Our attitude toward FIS (cbFFDs) is only educational, academic and research newly approach and we do not act as a software developer, manufacturer or an accelerator. • For computing and calculation, we use Matlab as open-source and freely available software for download from a public repository, and NO ANY SPECIFIC SOFTWARE is related to our study.



Mathematics, Fractal Modeling, Fuzzy Coding