Ikeda two-dimensional cylinders

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/p3r9nmtvyj.2
Martin Alexandersson


This data has been collected with manual digitalization from the following paper: [1] Ikeda, Y., 1978. On eddy making component of roll damping force on naked hull. University of Osaka Prefacture, Department of Naval Architecture, Japan, Report No. 00403, Published in: Journal of Society of Naval Architects of Japan, Volume 142. The data can be used to predict ship eddy damping. Nomenclature: row number: same as in Table 1 [1] phi_a : roll amplitude [rad] B_star_hat omega_hat model : section model name B_W+B_F : Obtained value from plots B_E_star_hat L_pp : length of section [m] beam : section beam [m] T : section draught [m] Disp : section displacement [m^3] H0 : half beam to draught ratio sigma : section area coefficient OG/d : centre of rotation R : bilge radius [m] B_E0_HAT : eddy damping C_r : eddy damping coefficient a_1 : lewis section coefficient a_3 : lewis section coefficient



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Hydrodynamics, Seakeeping, Ship Maneuvering