The Sufi influence in the Iraqi novel, the Lamia, is a model

Published: 16 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p3xs9tpybr.1
Hajir Mahmoud Ali


Abstract In our research, we seek to shed a light on one of the most important and sensitive issues, namely, the Sufi influence in the Iraqi novel through the lame maqam of the novelist Jumaa Al-Lami, the Sufi discourse contains many semantic paradoxes between the text's apparent pronunciation and its interpretation of the format and the context that produced these patterns, and incited them, which concludes different results from the prevailing provisions and fixed ideas from the narrative text. The Arabic and Iraqi novel in particular became inspired by the power of Sufi discourse by talking about several Sufi figures by referring to it openly, or implicitly inspired by unauthorized concealment, in employing some of the ideas, or summoning their Sufi sayings, which he embodied (Jumaa Al-Lami) in his illiteracy. How did Iraq's political situation of wars, killings and systematic sabotage play a role in shaping narrative discourse? To what extent has Jumaa Al-Lami been able to portray the Iraqi reality with all the social, political and economic transformations it brings? What mechanisms reflected the face of the opposite in Lamia (Jumaa Al-Lami) and how did he succeed in trying to summon Iraqi heritage figures to bring them down on the events in his narrative speech? So we will try with some sort of dissociative analytical studies to find out about those great cultural patterns that were portrayed by the Lami Jumaa Al-Lami and how Jumaa Al-Lami carried out the Sufi cultural heritage and took these symbolic heritage images and revived them to save Iraq from what it is in.


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