CFD Validation Database for NACA HFSX Hydrodynamics

Published: 30-12-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p3y3xjmpjt.1
Sharif Dajani,
Mohamed Fahmy Shehadeh,
Abdel Hamid Soliman,
Aly Hassan Elbatran,
Yasser Ahmed,
Khalid Saqr


The NACA HFSX hydrofoil is used in numerous renewable energy applications including marine current turbines (MCTs) which operate at relatively low Reynolds number (in this database Re=190,000). The flow around NACA HFSX hydrofoil at such Re value is transitional which makes the establishment of proper CFD models quite challenging. In the present work, we propose an open-source CFD validation and benchmarking database for this important hydrofoil using the Shear-Stress Transport version of Wilcox’s k-ω turbulence model (SSTk-ω). This validation database aims at providing means of CFD validation to the community for such important application. The files in this database are provided to the CFD community, which includes the setup and solution files of ANSYS Fluent® simulations at angle-of-attack ranging from 0 to 16 degrees. The database is established based on comparison with experimental measurement from (Goundar & Ahmed, 2013, Applied Energy) for the coefficients of lift (C_l) and pressure (C_po) with average error that is considerably lower than any published study at such Reynolds number.


Steps to reproduce

1- Download and decompress the database files 2- Open ANSYS FLUENT (Minimum V17 required) 3- File > Read > Case & Data 4- Browse and navigate to the decompressed database directory 5- Select the desired AoA value 6- Load the files