Analytical data and mechanical-electrical data of synthetic Qz-Gr mixtures

Published: 13 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p4bs2tb58h.1
Jinyu Chen,


The data used for the manuscript prepared under the name of "Shear-enhanced electrical conductivity of synthetic quartz-graphite gouges: Implications for electromagnetic observations in carbonaceous shear zones" are published here. The excel file "Analytical data of particle size distribution.xlsx" contains the analytical data of particle size distribution of the starting Qz particles used for the experiments and natural gouges collected from the coseismic slip zone. The excel file "Analytical data of XRD.xlsx" contains the analytical data of the X-ray diffraction spectrum of the starting Gr flakes and Qz particles used for the experiments. The excel file "Mechanical (M) and Electrical (E) Measurement Data-2 MPa.xlsx" and "Mechanical (M) and Electrical (E) Measurement Data-5 MPa.xlsx" contains the all experimental data for the manuscript.



China Earthquake Administration Institute of Geology


Electrical Conductivity, Quartz, Friction, Graphite