Data for: Effect of grain boundary precipitation on corrosion of heating-aging treated Al-4.47Zn-2.13Mg-1.20Cu alloy

Published: 21 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p52zs3swfv.1
Xu Wang,
Chenchong Wang,
Diyao Zhang,
Xinyi Liu,
J C Huang,
Zijun Zhao,
Ming Wu


1. The yield strength, tensile strength and elongation are measured by tensile test. 2. The equivalent circuit of galvanic corrosion are fitting by the software of ZSimDemo. When the equivalent circuit diagram (R(CR(CR))) is used, the data error under all conditions is less than 5%. The fitting data are listed in table 3. 3. The corroded surface morphologies are testing by TESCAN VEGA III, the microstructure of the intragranular precipitates and precipitates in the grain boundary are showing by JEOL-2100F.



Microstructure, Mechanical Strength, Fitting Curve