NIR spectra of blueberries with categorized taste characters ranging from sweet to sour

Published: 07-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p62mgjwkjn.1
Denise Vonck,
Duncan Ramsamoedj,
Rachel Knol,
Simona Cristescu,
Geert van Kollenburg


Near Infrared spectroscopy data of blueberries with different taste characters: sweet, neutral, lightly sour and sour. The data was measured by three different persons, with all a different device. All blueberries originated from Spain. The .cvs file contains all spectral data. The first five columns give extra information about each measurement: 1. Sample number 2. Measuring side: top(1), bottom(2), side(3) 3. Taste character: sweet(1), neutral(2), lightly sour(3), sour(4) 4. Device, three devices in total. (Every person recorded data with a different device) 5. Replicate number The x-axis of the spectral data is in pixelnumber, the Linksquare software uses this unit.


Steps to reproduce

The data was recorded with a LinkSquare NIR device (700-1050 nm). The blueberries were first washed with water and dried with a clean towel. Either latex or plastic gloves were used at all times when handling the blueberries. All data was recorded in a room with minimal light from outside and without any other light source except for a laptop. A black background, the backside of a cardboard test color card that was delivered with the scanner, was used for all measurements. The data was recorded on the top, the bottom and the side of each blueberry, with a distance of 1mm between the handheld device and the blueberry. Three replicates were recorded per measuring side for every berry.