Soluble and residual fractions of hydrolysed chicken feathers -raw data from two experiments

Published: 19 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p62xptkt4j.1
Steffen Adler,


The data file contains two dataset, Experiment 1 and Experiment 2. Experiment 1 had a central composite face-centered design with 27 runs. The experimental factors were concentrations of NaOH, Na2SO3, Enzyme and Autoclaving time. Measurments of solubility and digestibility are given in the table. In Experiment 2 combinations of NaOH, Na2SO3 and Autoclaving time with a predicted in vitro pepsin digestibility of 90% were selected (ID 1 to 14). In addition, untreated feathers, commercial feather meal and casein were analysed (ID 15, 17, 18). The table includes data on solubility, digestibility, chemical composition and aminoa acidcomposition.



Norsok Norsk senter for okologisk landbruk, Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy, Norsk Institutt for Biookonomi, SINTEF


Amino Acids, Hydrolysis, Feed Digestibility