Lagrangian Trajectories Data-set for SHEBA wintertime

Published: 30 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p685frw72y.1


Backward Trajectory Data for SHEBA winter (DJF) generated using HYSPLIT (NOAA) [Syed Mubashshir Ali] Trajectory Output file information Filename convention: tdump_AGL_dd_mm_hh Eg; tdump_400_01_01_11 400: Height above ground level (m) 01: Date 01: Jan 11: 11:00 UTC Trajectory data is tab delimited. Headers: Line 1 - 7 line 1: Number of meteorological files used line 2-4: Starting dates of the meteorological files used line 5: Information about the type of trajectory Trajectory data starts from Line 8 with the following columns: Col 3: Year (YY) Col 4: Month (MM) Col 5: Date Col 6: Hour Col 7: Minutes Col 8: Seconds Col 9: Latitude (degrees) Col 10: Longitude (degrees) Col 11: Height AGL (m) Col 12: Pressure (mbar) For detailed information on trajectory output file format refer to HYSPLIT user guide by NOAA.



Meteorology, Arctic Region, Atmospheric Dynamics