Effects of exclusive use of stored sperm on offspring production in the sailfin molly Poecilia latipinna

Published: 21 September 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/p6k5dh6jzk.2
Shala Hankison,
Eric Gangloff,
Breanna Fry,
Alena Arnold,
AJ Lashway,
Jenell Betts,
Sandy Otap,
Katherine Walter,
Makenna Juergens,
Alax Crawford


This research investigated how the first brood of Poecilia latipinna varied in size, fry characteristics, and interbrood interval when females were only able to rely on stored sperm (compared to females that were remated). Females were isolated after giving birth and then either given access to a potential mate or remain in isolation. Brood sizes, fry sizes at days 1 and 7, and inter-brood intervals were all measured



Ohio Wesleyan University


Life Sciences, Fish, Poeciliidae, Sperm Storage