Reeport on water quality control - Island of Mozambique

Published: 29 February 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/p76zpz8bzb.2
Mamudo Saide


Turbidity data supplement is a sample dataset made of three spreadsheet books where NTU contains daily data record obtained from two moments of water supplying as NTU shows two hours that indicate the beginning and the ending of water supply. "Control" contains data processing as the plot draw tendency means the major acceptance the more the graph lines are so close. Finally, media contains total daily record obtained from NTU average. "Water quality assessment" contains turbidity (fig.1 - fig.3) and free chlorine (fig.4 - fig.5) data.


Steps to reproduce

Equipment: pH, chlorine, alkalinity and acid demand test kit, Hach 2100Q portable turbidimeter and Hach 1407099 dpd free chlorine reagent. Step by step for dpd: A water sample was placed in the sample container for chlorine determination and Hach 1407099 dpd reagent was added after the dpd tablet dissolved. it is difficult to identify the colors because sometimes they do not appear clearly on the verification scale.


Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Escola Superior de Ciencias Marinhas e Costeiras


Water Quality, Water Quality Assessment, Chlorine, Turbidity