Multi-Channel Electromyography Signal Acquisition of Forearm

Published: 5 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p77jn92bzg.1
Ivan Joel Ramírez Ángeles, Marco Antonio Aceves Fernández


This data contains the surface electromyography (SEMG) signals of fifty healthy subjects performing ten different movements for both arms. The signals were recorded using a Myo Armband with a sampling frequency of 200Hz for each of its eight channels (skin surface electrodes). Each movement was performed five times every three seconds starting from the first second resulting in a sampling time of sixteen seconds. All the subjects performed the same movements in the same order (wrist in neutral, pronation, supination, wrist extension, wrist flexion, ulnar deviation, radial deviation, fine pinch, power grip, and hand open) however in the dataset these movements are represented as the following in the ninth column of the dataset, the tenth column represents the # of subject and the columns from first to eighth represents each channel. Movements List: 1 Wrist in Neutral for Right Hand 2 Wrist in Neutral for Left Hand 3 Pronation for Right Hand 4 Pronation for Left Hand 5 Supination for Right Hand 6 Supination for Left Hand 7 Wrist extension for Right Hand 8 Wrist extension for Left Hand 9 Wrist flexion for Right Hand 10 Wrist flexion for Left Hand 11 Ulnar deviation for Right Hand 12 Ulnar deviation for Left Hand 13 Radial deviation for Right Hand 14 Radial deviation for Left Hand 15 Fine pinch for Right Hand 16 Fine pinch for Left Hand 17 Power grip for Right Hand 18 Power grip for Left Hand 19 Han open for Right Hand 20 Hand open for Left Hand Prior the signal acquisition some information was compiled for each subject; this information is attached in the file subject_dataset.dat



Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro


Computer Science, Biomedical Signal Processing