Abaqus Code for a Residual Control Staggered Solution Scheme for the Phase-Field Modeling of Brittle Fracture

Published: 8 Apr 2019 | Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/p77tsyrbx2.3

Description of this data

Abaqus UEL and UMAT subroutines for the phase-field modeling of brittle fracture. The code consists of the 3-layered system of user elements and user material subroutine producing a staggered algorithm with a residual norm based stopping criterion.
The elements are 4-node full integration 2D and 8-node full integration 3D linear elements.

The implementation files (source code and input files) for some examples published in the associated journal article are given. The files contain detailed explanations and instructions for users.

This is an updated version of the dataset. See more info in Version_3-ChangeLog.txt

For additional information, suggestions or comments, please contacts us at karlo.seles@fsb.hr

Experiment data files

Steps to reproduce

To use the code on your own examples, we have provided a blank input file templates for 2D and 3D cases (02a_InputFileTemplate-2D.inp and 02b_InputFileTemplate-3D.inp) which have to be updated with your mesh, material and boundary conditions information as described in the file. In addition, you should take the "HomogeneousPlate-PF-BF-RCTRL-EO-3D.for" or "SingleEdgeNotchSpecimen-PF-BF-RCTRL-EO-3D.for" file for the 3D problem or any other attached Fortran file (.for) for the 2D problem and just change "nel" and "nel_dis" to match the number of elements in the layers. (Don't forget to change it in UMAT part of the file, too!)
The analysis is run as usual by writing "abaqus job=input.inp, user=subroutine.for" in the terminal.
(Note that you have to have Abaqus standard installed and linked with Fortran compiler)

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    Published: 2019-04-08

    DOI: 10.17632/p77tsyrbx2.3

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Mechanical Engineering, Fracture Mechanics, Brittle Fracture, Phase Field Model, Finite-Element


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