Stride Detection Algorithm

Published: 06-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p7rncyzpg2.1
Hannah Lena Siebers,
Jörg Eschweiler


This Matlab Code implements the unrestricted stride detection during walking and stair climbing with IMUs by Hannah Siebers Save data files in additional folder, besides Matlab Files named "Data" To evaluate all files in "Data" and view the resulting plots, run main.m The file names in "Data" have originally been named under the convention of "H" for ascending stairs, "K" for walking on a straight surface and "R" for descending stairs on the fourth position of the file name. If you are using another convention, be sure to adapt. The same stands for categories and segmentName which refer to the organisation of the file structure To evaluate one single file and view the IC's and TC's call mainSingleFile.m in your Matlab file Warning messages are displayed in the Command Window, if the order of gait events is wrong or deviations from the norm have been found Please cite the above works if using the provided codes and/or datasets for your own research. Author: Hannah Lena Siebers, Department of Orthopaedics University Hospital RWTH Aachen