ECOCAPTURE Dataset - Behavioral coding from video - 20 bvFTD and 18 HC - 21.03.2022

Published: 29 April 2022| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/p88gtz8wdz.4
Bénédicte Batrancourt


This dataset is obtained by behavioral coding from 7-minute video footage for each individual in a group of 20 patients with bvFTD and a group of 18 healthy controls. Behavioral coding data were collected through the continuous sampling method (all occurrences of behaviors and their duration were recorded) using NOLDUS The Observer XT (Version 14.0) [1]. Behavioral coding was conducted based on two ethograms (the ECOCAPTURE apathy ethogram, the ECOCAPTURE disinhibition ethogram) [2]. This dataset provides two files : 1) the events log; 2) a table containing for each individual: the demographic characteristics, the neuropsychological features, the ECOCAPTURE metrics (number of occurrences and/or duration of behavior). V3 - Adding MATTIS score in the database V4 - Adding MATTIS memory (MATTIS_MEM) score in the database [1] Behavioral coding - Event logging software | The Observer XT. Accessed April 10, 2022. [2] Batrancourt, Bénédicte; Migliaccio, Raffaella (Lara); Tanguy, Delphine; Sezer, Idil; Godefroy, Valerie; Bouzigues, Arabella (2022), “The ECOCAPTURE ethograms: apathy ethogram and disinhibition ethogram”, Mendeley Data, V2, doi: 10.17632/mv8hndcd95.2





Behavioral Neuroscience, Ethology, Behavioral Neurology