Raw data of volatile compounds for different types of high-salt liquid-state fermentation soy sauce in China

Published: 22 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p8jvdwwh98.1
jingyao li, Mengli Zhang, Xiaojuan Feng, Tingting Ding, Yue Zhao, Chengguo Sun, Shengli Zhou, Jing He, Chunling Wang


This data describes the differences in volatile compounds of commercially high-salt liquid-state fermentation soy sauces (HLFSS) from different regions of China. A total of 21 commercial HLFSS were purchased online and divided into three groups for analysis: light soy sauce (LSS), dark soy sauce (DSS), and premium soy sauce (PSS). These soy sauces came from the northern regions of China, such as Shandong and Tianjin, and the southern regions of China, such as Guangdong and Hong Kong.



Tianjin University of Science and Technology


Fermentation, Food Volatile, Soy Product