Multi-mode Fault Diagnosis Datasets of Gearbox Under Variable Working Conditions

Published: 9 April 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/p92gj2732w.2
Shijin Chen,
, Dongliang Zou,


The gearbox is a critical component of electromechanical systems. The occurrence of multiple faults can significantly impact system accuracy and service life. The vibration signal of the gearbox is an effective indicator of its operational status and fault information. However, gearboxes in real industrial settings often operate under variable working conditions, such as varying speeds and loads. It is a significant and challenging research area to complete the gearbox fault diagnosis procedure under varying operating conditions using vibration signals. This data article presents vibration datasets collected from a gearbox exhibiting various fault degrees of severity and fault types, operating under diverse speed and load conditions. These faults are manually implanted into the gears or bearings through precise machining processes, which include health, missing teeth, wear, pitting, root cracks, and broken teeth. Several kinds of actual compound faults are also encompassed. The development of these datasets facilitates testing the effectiveness and reliability of newly developed fault diagnosis methods.



Tsinghua University


Engineering, Fault Diagnosis