MC3T3-E1 single cell qPCR results (Biomark, Fluidigm)

Published: 18 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p92nz3gvxx.1
Jennifer Fish


Fluidigm Biomark qPCR raw data was pre-processed using Fluidigm Real-Time PCR Analysis software. Failed assays were removed. The default quality threshold cutoff (0.65) was used to identify potential artifacts. The baseline correction was to linear, and the Ct threshold detection method was set to Auto (Detectors). The Fluidigm Singular Analysis Toolset v3.6.2 was used to remove outliers using the IdentifyOutliers() command. Cell types used for this study: Wildtype MC3T3-E1 at differentiation stages T0, T3, T10, T14 and T21, Satb2-mutant cell lines C8 at T0 and C9 and T0 and T14.