Data for: Comparing design of experiments and optimal experimental design techniques for modelling the microbial growth rate under static environmental conditions

Published: 8 August 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p97tr42t5x.1
Jan F.M. Van Impe, Simen Akkermans, Philippe Nimmegeers


MATLAB codes for calculating D-optimal experimental designs of a user-defined secondary model. The following files are included: - demoDoptimal.m: Script that demonstrates the use of the Doptimal-function using the secondary model in secondaryModel.m. - Doptimal.m: Function that returns the optimal experimental conditions. - calculateD.m: Function that calculates the opposite of the determinant, which serves as the objective for the optimisation in Doptimal.m. - secondaryModel.m: Function that calculates the growth rate based on a vector of model parameters and a vector of model inputs.



Predictive Microbiology