Data for: Microstructure and mechanical properties of laser-welded dissimilar DP780 and DP980 high-strength steel joints

Published: 25 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p9f5zd6jmr.1
, Yuntao Li,


These research datas on mechanical properties of DP780 and DP980 welding joints obtained by testing.The theoretical basis is provided for the practical application of DP780 and DP980 dissimilar steel laser welding.The phase transition points of DP780 and DP980 were measured under 400℃/s heating rate by the DIL805A thermal expansimeter under different heat input.Simulate the welding thermal cycles of the heat-affected zone (HAZ) of laser-welded samples of DP780 and DP980. These research datas are used only for readers' reference and can not be used for other purposes. We will also study the data in other aspects.



Applied Sciences