The data of HEXACO personality traits and networking behavior

Published: 28 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p9hwfmfcz5.1
Le Tung


This data explores the relationship between personality traits and networking behavior through network size and tie strength. The data was collected from three universities in North Vietnam. At Time 1, 850 of 982 respondents participated in the questionnaire; at Time 2, 773 of these students responded to the second questionnaire. As a result, we obtained 773 complete responses, a response rate of 91%. The mean age of participants was 23.22 years (SD = 0.523). There was only 3.6% of married respondents. The percentage of respondents in study areas consisted of 28% of engineering, 26% of accounting, 23% of business administration, 18% of finance, and 5% of other areas