Manual of BlackMax. A black-hole event generator with rotation, recoil, split branes, and brane tension. Version 2.02

Published: 13 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/p9jg9dypcg.1
De-Chang Dai,
Cigdem Issever,
Eram Rizvi,
Glenn Starkman,
Dejan Stojkovic,
Jeff Tseng


This is the users manual of the black-hole event generator BlackMax (Dai et al., 2008), which simulates the experimental signatures of microscopic and Planckian black-hole production and evolution at proton–proton, proton–antiproton and electron–positron colliders in the context of brane world models with low-scale quantum gravity. The generator is based on phenomenologically realistic models free of serious problems that plague low-scale gravity. It includes all of the black-hole gray-body factors known to date and incorporates the effects of black-hole rotation, splitting between the fermions, non-zero brane tension and black-hole recoil due to Hawking radiation (although not all simultaneously). The main code can be downloaded from Dai et al. (0000).



Computational Physics