Results of Ion Chromatography

Published: 22 June 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pbj8mtnbyr.1
Masako Hori


We synthesized two calcium carbonates, calcite and aragonite, to understand the properties of Na ion during its partitioning into calcium carbonates. Worksheet "ion chromatography" represents the calculation of partitioning coefficients (Kd) of Na between solvent and CaCO3. Lines B and C: the water temperature during the precipitation of CaCO3 and the unit, respectively. Lines D and E: the Ca++ concentrations in the solvent and the unit, respectively. Line F: repetition number. Line G: Date of analysis. Line H: Apparent partitioning coefficients (Kd) calculated from Na/Ca ratios in the solvents (m) and synthesized calcium carbonates (x) as Kd = (Na/Ca)x/(Na/Ca)m. Line I, J and K: Na+, Mg++, Ca++ concentrations in CaCO3 after the dissolution and dilution. Worksheet "other info." represents the other parameters used in this study.



Partitioning, Ion Chromatography