Asmaimee Enda: A Tale from the Hassani Popular Literature - Written by Laghla Bouzid &Translated by Erragab Eljanhaoui

Published: 18 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pc9n5j9h6f.1
Erragab Eljanhaoui


The Hassani culture has featured various folktales and poetic productions along with its development. In an early Biddani society - South of Morocco - the focus of the Bedouin revolved around producing mythical and legendary tales. However, due to the nature of documentation in the Sahara - oral transmission - various tales and compositions were lost. Therefore, the significance of Lghala Bouzid's written tale is in showcasing the cultural, social, and political awareness of the Sahrawi nomads in earlier periods of history. To add to its literary importance, I attempt to give the tale a solid and contextual translation to foreground its aspects for a worldwide readership. All in all, this paper is to shed light on how the early Sahrawi bedouins produced fascinating and "transfigurative" folktales.



Universite Ibn Zohr


Literature, Folklore, Morocco, Translation (Applied Linguistics)