Data on Mepraia spinolai individuals captured in Las Chinchillas National Reserve, Chile, using a human as a bait.

Published: 7 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pcj44fyswg.1
Daniela Estay-Olea,
Juana Paola Correa,
Sophie de Bona,
Nicol Quiroga,
Esteban San Juan,
Carezza Botto


Stage: nymphal stages (1-5), adults (6: males and females combined). Time interval: 10 min-timespan (1-6). BMI: Body Mass Index. SBMI: Standarized Body Mass Index. Abdomen shape: extremely concave abdomen (1), moderately concave abdomen (2), flat abdomen (3), moderately convex abdomen (4), and extremely convex abdomen (5). Status: uninfected (0), Trypanosoma cruzi infected (1). Mean Ct: mean Threshold cycle of real time PCR.