Data for: Comparison of steady state and transient parameterization of unsaturated models for Sphagnum moss

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pd4wj5vmp9.1
James Elliott,
, Neil Taylor


Data were collected from the experimental Spahgnum fibre farming station in Shippagan, New Brunswick during the 2013 field season. In situ measurements of soil moisture profiles from two experimental plots of different aged Sphagnum moss in a restored cut-over peatland, measured using CS605 TDR probes. Meteorological and water table were also collected hourly. Retention: Samples of Sphagnum moss (n = 2 per profile) and cut-over peat (n = 1 per profile) were taken from the top 10 cm, the base of the moss profile and the cut-over peat of each plot; depths represent the midpoint of 5 cm samples. Soil water retention and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity were the determined in the laboratory (Taylor and Price, 2015) using the modified tension disk method (McCarter et al., 2017; McCarter and Price, 2014). Following that, bulk density, porosity, and saturated hydraulic conductivity were measured (Taylor and Price, 2015).



Vadose Zone, Unsaturated Soil, Peat