PV DC Series Arc Simulation Data

Published: 1 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pd93m3c4rz.1
David Dominguez


Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have emerged as a pivotal player in the pursuit of clean energy solutions. As the adoption of solar technology continues to increase, it becomes imperative to address the some of the challenges associated with these systems. One such challenge that demands meticulous attention is the occurrence of DC series arcs. DC series arcs, characterized by unintentional electrical discharges across series-connected components, represent a potential threat to the integrity and efficiency of solar energy systems. Identifying and mitigating these arc faults is crucial not only for enhancing the overall performance of solar panels but also for safeguarding against the risk of electrical fires. This dataset was generated using a Simulink model based on the most common topology for PV DC power converters and known properties of arc events. The model consists of 4 boost converters connect to 4 individual PV panels and each can be individually controlled. Each converter is operated with a PWM module commanded by a duty cycle value and operating at a fixed frequency of 64kHz. The currents of each PV string are measured and added into a single signal, simulating existing HW architecture for arc detection in residential PV systems. The arc event is simulated by injecting gaussian noise limited to a specific frequency band with a range of 10 to 50 kHz. This dataset is intended to help in the evaluation of arc detection algorithms based on current measurements. Each file in the dataset contains 6 columns as follows: simulation timestamp, 250kHz sample rate current data, slow DC current measurement for each string in the system (4 strings) The name of the file described the conditions in which that set was obtained and follows this pattern: test_ + A + current target on string A + B + current target on string B + C + current target on string C + D + current target on string D + A + voltage target on string A + B + voltage target on string B + C + voltage target on string C + D + voltage target on string D + A + impedance on string A + B + impedance on string B + C + impedance on string C + D + impedance on string D + + _trans + A, B, C or D + + _arc + 0 or 1 + .csv



Power Electronics, Electronic Safety